Always up-to-date contacts

Paper business cards are often lost or forgotten, but digital cards never are. If you change jobs, phone numbers, or just update your info … your friends, colleagues and business partners are automatically updated.
As a result, all your contacts will always and instantly be correct and current.

Alexander Son Updated mobile phone on (415) 123-4567
Philip Jones New employee in TwoOneTrip
Emmy Wattson Updated her email to
Alex Spears Sent you his business card
Phil McRogers Added your business card to contacts
Donald Rush Updated his photo
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A business card is often an important first impression. Make it a powerful one! Paper business cards are often bland, have limitations to their creative expression. A digital business card can ‘come alive' vivid photos, videos and gifs. Use existing templates, or make your own custom design.

Exchange contacts in any situation

Exchanging paper business cards is not something we’ll ever eliminate … but it’s archaic, inconvenient, and we run out! Our digital format allows you to exchange business cards with no physical limits. You can choose any convenient method: GeoLocation, via text messages, instant messengers or e-mail. And you can continue the conversation right away with our built-in chat.

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Перевод визитки в цифровой формат

Convenient way to convert paper business cards into digital format

If you meet a 'technologically delayed' friend with a paper business card, you can scan it and receive their contacts electronically using 100AM. Then a quick note, your Live Card and an invite is sent automatically to your friend!

Advanced solutions for companies

Advanced solutions for companies


When meeting new employees, you previously had to get their internal phone numbers from colleagues or look up their contacts in company directories. Now the updated contact info is in the app, on your phone, right now.


Employees will be able exchange their new digital business card, instead of an old paper business card, with their colleagues and business partner.

Contacts are always at your finger tips

It’s easy to misplace paper business cards, or run out.
This isn’t an issue with 100AM.
Even if your smartphone is lost, or dropped in the sink, or run over by a truck … your contacts are still saved. Just sign into your account on any mobile device or computer, and you’re good to go. The application is available for platforms iOS 9, Android 4.2 and later.


Show a little love for our planet

Much like dial-up internet connections or long-distance phone call bills, business had to print paper business cards for employees. Now, thanks to the digital business cards of 100andMore, businesses can use Live cards and ... printing paper business cards can go the way of dial-up internet!

Not only does this save money - it also means that

  40 000 000 trees won’t have to be chopped down this year!

Companies are saving huge sums of money by not having to print business cards.

More than $6 000 000 000 a year is saved just by using 100AandMore

Live Business Cards

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