Community tool

Are you part of a group with shared interests (alumni, club, family, team, school, etc)?
Would you like members of your community to discover each other,
get up-to-date contact (including Position, Company name) and communicate?
How about posting updates to your community?

We have a solution for you: Virtual groups in 100AM

Here's a video showing how it works:

How to create a community
with up-to-date contact information


Create public, private or secret and groups and keep all your contacts organized


Invite your friends and colleagues to join the group


Participants join the group with their "Live" Business Cards. Share up-to-date contact information - including Job title and Company name - with all group members.


Post news and updates to the group

Already created community?
Need up-to-date contact information?

Use our API to enable people to join the group,
and update contact information automatically

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