How to create corporate account


Go to
and select

Enter company name

Contact manager
2. Contact manager app

Enter the email to which the account will be registered.

(It can be your personal or corporate email account)

Email contact manager

You will receive a confirmation code via email. Enter it manually or click on the link

Confirmation code

Here is an example of the email you will receive:

Confirmation code email

Select a business card template from the templates.

(You can change the graphics in the next steps)

Cloud contact manager
Simple contact manager
Corporate Digital Business Card with photo, video or GIF

At the moment, you can insert only a photo … we’ll soon enable videos or gifs


Fill in your company details

those fields that you deem necessary (Required fields marked with an asterisk) and click Save

Upload your Company's logo.

Put a branded image that is relevant to your company by clicking on Change cover

Also on this screen you can change the business card template by clicking on Edit design

Click Save after the changes have been made.

Business contact manager

You can invite your team members!

Enter the emails and click Send invites.

You can send up to 5 invitations at a time. To invite the next 5 team members, click the + add members button on the main screen.

If you want, you can fill in the employee profile (press Fill card) especially if you don't want an employee to be able to change a profile, enter a personal email or personal Facebook.

And do not forget to press Save :)

Team contact management

Team settings:

Optional team contact management


Optional for

Required team contact management


Required field for
completion by the employee.

If the employee does not enter
the data of this field, then their
business card will not be saved

Locked team contact management


employees will not be able
to edit

Disabled team contact management


when you fill out your
business card with an employee,
this field will not be displayed.


And if you have any questions or comments,, send them to