About 100AM

How many contacts do you think are stored in your phone book? Probably a few hundred give or take.

How often do you have to update them? What would happen if any of them were to become irrecoverably lost?
Going by statistics, each one of us has at a minimum several hundred names in their contact list. Everything changes, and people are no exception. People change phone numbers, email addresses, jobs, and their paper business cards get lost in the shuffle or become outdated and irrelevant by the simple passage of time.

How would you like to always have the contacts of your friends, colleagues and business partners at hand? How about with only the most updated information, with it being impossible to ever run out of your own business cards?

We found a solution. We created a convenient service for storage, automatic updating of contact information and unlimited exchange of business cards (Live Business Cards). This is all done through messages, instant messengers and social networks.

We named our service 100andMore (One hundred and more). The name is because 100 business cards are usually ordered, but digital technologies allow for increasing this number to infinity(and beyond!). Each card on 100andMore is a mini-presentation with photos, videos and gifs, which can be used for both business purposes and self-promotion.

By using our service, you will develop amnesia about paper business cards and cardholders. You will never again have to endlessly plug in or update the information in your phone's contacts section or search through different sources of data on the right person. The most current information will always be the distance of your fingertips to your smartphone. The exchange of business cards will become an exhilarating experience for all networking events involved. Revolutionize your communication and come to discover this cutting edge opportunity for business networking!